About Us

When you are looking for a gold buyer, you want to feel confident that the people who are testing and valuing your gold jewellery are experienced at what they do. When it comes to experience and expertise, The Cash For Gold has the gold lineage and integrity you deserve and need.

One of our key founding principles is to educate consumers to make better financial decisions. At The Gold Buyer In Delhi we always Pay the actual prices we pay for scrap gold and precious metals every day on our website. Our revolutionary estimator tool and daily pricing helps you to understand the value of your items before you sell. Our Resource Centre and FAQ is designed not only to provide knowledge on precious metals but also to help you release and unlock the potential value in your items that you didn’t realise that you had.

Our founder is a 2nd generation gold man, and comes from a long line of precious metal dealers dating back to his father's humble beginning of buying and selling gold rings and broken jewellery to support his family and community. Since then, our mission has always remained the same:

"To provide every customer with a safe, secure and convenient way to sell gold and other precious metals for the best possible price."

Cash For Gold provides the below listed services – 1) Cash for Gold 2) Cash for Silver 3) Cash for Platinum 4) Cash For Daimonds 5) Valuation of Gold and Silver and Diamonds

Why Us


Our prices are easy to understand, and are updated daily As per Market Rates. We will always pay over 70% of the value for your gold and for some items we will pay up to 97%.


We use state-of-the-art technology and techniques to value your gold and silver. We pay you based on the precise precious metal content and weight of your jewellery.


Our main priority at The Gold Register is to provide honest and transparent customer service, as well as some of the highest payouts in the industry.


Try our Free evaluation service offered, based on gold weight and purity tests with no commitment to sell your gold, silver and platinum items. Request a Goldpack today.

Some More Reason For Choose Us

We offer the highest price.

Transparent deal.

In front of you open deal.

We have 11 branches all over India.

Same day market rate offered.

Safe close office payment.

Cash Payment.

Can deal and pay wherever you wish.

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